10 Avengers: Endgame Most Satisfying Moments

Avengers: Endgame has exploded on our screen last week and is already on its way to becoming the best box office in the box office with earnings of around 1.5 billion in the first week of release. This is probably the most talked-about film so far, and in the anticipation of the fans, for more than a year, curiously kept their nails. This is hardly surprising because it was determined to solve the biggest Clifford of 2018.
The enthusiasm for the release of the film had increased by the fact that 21 songs before the endgame are being made till this conclusion. As the film was on the climax of Infinity Stones Arc, Endgame was set to complete plot-lines, full character arcs and payoffs were included. No wonder we were equally excited and worried how Marvel could possibly deliver.
Thankfully, they did just that and the film is a victory of satisfactory moments, which solved the years of waiting and surprise, and want to make the audience cry and cheer in equal measure.

10. Cap Is Finally Worthy!

9. Scarlet Witch Beats Down Thanos

8. Iron Man And Rescue Team Up

7. Captain Marvel Joins Everyone On The Battlefield

6. Thanos’ Death

5. Iron Man’s Final Stand

4. Cap’s Ending

3. Spiderman And Iron Man Reunite

2. Hulk Reverses The Snap

1. “Avengers Assemble”

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