10 Hollywood Stars Who Redeemed Themselves from Bad Roles


All the good actors and actresses of Hollywood have those films that they prefer to forget. However, let’s face it, it is normal to have in your career some (or some) work that is not exactly remarkable. Or, in certain cases, even suffering. So, check out ten great actors who have made bad papers , but then gave back on top:

10. Ryan Reynolds

Making the Green Lantern was certainly not the high point of Reynolds’ career. Fortunately, it served at least to make fun of it in Deadpool.

9. Rodrigo Santoro

After his international debut in The Panthers, Rodrigo was the target of jokes for always appearing without lines. After that, however, he played Xerxes twice, in the 300 movie and its sequel. The paper might not be bright, but it yielded more speech and screen time.

8. Julia Roberts

His film debut was in Firehouse, a bumbling firefighter movie full of silly jokes. Three years later she made A beautiful woman and her career took off.

7. George Clooney

Although Batman is an epic character, the 1997 film was not one of the best stages in Batman. After him, however, Clooney made great films, such as The Descendants, which earned him a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination.

6. Leonardo DiCaprio

One of his earliest films was a terrible adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. After that, Leo made several good films, until he was crowned with the Oscar for The Return.

5. Robert Downey Jr.

“Releasing the Dogs” certainly is not a movie that he is proud to have on his resume. Well unlike all the Marvel films in which he played Iron Man.

4. Penelope Cruz

Even after ready, almost the movie Bandidas did not go to the cinemas, because the producers themselves were aware that the film was not good. But Penelope overcame this fiasco and, two years later, won the Oscar for her performance in Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

3. Heath Ledger

A lot of people will hate me for it but, let’s face it, “10 things I hate about you” is a romantic water-sugar comedy as much as Ledger’s role. The same can not be said of his performances in The Secret of Brokeback Mountain or in Batman: The Dark Knight.

2. Johnny Depp

Space Enigma is such a bad movie that it has not even come to Brazilian cinemas. The saga Pirates of the Caribbean is full of clichés and such, but it can not be denied that it is a blockbuster.

1. Peter Dinklage

In Death at Funeral he was the boyfriend who wanted to extort the family of the deceased. Already in Game of Thrones he not only redeemed himself but also became the favorite character of the series fans.

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