10+ People who can hit your imagination!


There are two types of talented people: some build a successful career, relying on their skills, while others occasionally amuse people. All because their abilities do not carry practical benefits. we will show you such people.

1. Walk on hands – the last century

2. G – flexibility

3. How many eggs will fit in your hand?

4. Volume of mouth – can of cola. Well he is a Guiness Record holder

5. Pyramid of bowling balls

6. The main thing is to keep balance

7. Scooter. What planet is he from?

8. Well, stretching is this!

9. When you have strong arms

10. Gary Turner suffers from a rare syndrome. His skin can stretch up to 15 cm!

11. This man can push himself through a racket.

Who is the scariest one? Tell us in he comment box.

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