10 Pictures That Reveal The Truth Behind Photography

We often go around Instagram seeing the perfect lives of people thinking that we would like to live like them, but the reality is that many of those accounts only show us the best version of those people and, sometimes, that version is not real.
And if you have photography skills and a little ingenuity, you can capture really beautiful and original images with very few resources.
With the cherries

The photo came out perfect, but the girl ended the session with fruits.

Margarita or Marijuana?
In the first photo it is clear that they are daisies, but in the second it seems that it has been stretched on top of a lot of marijuana plants.
In the Middle
The photo was great and the girl only had to spend two hours hidden among those bushes to make the session.
A little bit of Photoshop
The shirt contradicts the photo and that didn’t need photoshop to be fixed.
On fire
The photo is really cool, unfortunately the fact of taking it means that someone will play life by burning a map while holding it with their hands.
The cold is real
Do you think the photo makes it worth having hypothermia?
It looks like a drawing
He was so long waiting for the picture that mushrooms came out on his head.
This can be dangerous
Those of you who have seen Hereditary know how dangerous it is to take the body out of the car window.
Surely there was the classic lady with her cart complaining that these damn millennials do not let her take bananas because they have been taking pictures for an hour.
We do not say it for the uncle taking the picture from the roof, but because the girl can swallow the dice in a mistake.
In any case, all this paraphernalia is not bad and it is true that photographers have always used resources like these to improve their images, the difference is that today anyone uses Instagram to sell something that is not, not only to get a beautiful image.

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