10 Things You Can Only See In Brazil


1) Arches of a church that is abandoned in Brazil being swallowed by the sea.

2) What happens when you have a broken traffic light in Sao Paulo Brazil.

3) The famous Brazilian superfan died before seeing Brazil win the gold medal in football. But his son was there wearing the same costume to carry on the tradition.

4) In Brazil, you can see bridges that goes nowhere.

5) Local police at the state of Para Brazil, in the Amazon use buffaloes to patrol because they can outrun criminals in rivers and swamps.

6) Iguazu falls, Brazil.

7) Do you want to visit Brazil after seeing this?

8) Mt. Roraima, Natural triangular border of Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana.

9) Waterfall in Canela Brazil.

10) At the top of a gondola ride in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

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