11 Photos That Will Leave You Speechless


Maybe you think you know the world well around you, but we show you some incredibly powerful and literally breathtaking images that prove it might not be the case.

If you need a break between the daily tasks, look at the following compilation that really leaves you speechless.

1. These two-year-old Kosovar escaped from a barbed-wire fence into the hands of his grandparents.

Heart Breaking!

2. This painting is not a painting.

In the photo, we see a real man painted and photographed.

3. This is the boy who is bravely holding the flag on his father’s mourning.

His father volunteered to go war in Iraq.

4. This is a man who jumps without a parachute.

I’d like to look at his expression.

5. This is a man who has played piano with the riot police (Kiev, 2013).

“That changed the mood into something positive.”

6. These are construction workers who are clearly accustomed to their work.

I wouldn’t be able to do this (at such a height)!

7. This place actually exists.

Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada.

8. This is the dog who sat in front of the man and did not go. Then he started to read Harry Potter loudly.

Maybe your dog would have liked his pet to be a man?

9. Meet Graham: A ‘human’ that can survive car crashes

Made from a combination of silicone fibreglass, concrete, human hair and steel, and weighing in at approximately 200 kilograms, Graham’s unusual enhanced physique imagines what humans might look like had we evolved to withstand low-impact car crashes.

10. This is the baby who has realized that there are so many things is this world to discover.

Everything is new and fresh to him.

11. In the midst of the riots that broke out after the Stanley Cup was lost, a couple kissed the ground around the riot police.

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