12 Deep Illustrations Revealing the Harsh Truth About the World Today


The following pictures showcase the alarming truth about our current reality..

1. Now matter how good you love someone, there’s a very good probability that he/she will find some one else and won’t even care about you.

2. People will have different face on social media, you cannot know about someone from his/her social media presence.

3. No matter how good of a person you are, still there will be some people ready to hurt you.

4. World is full of people who are always ready to be a hurdle for your success.

5. The people with least knowledge talk the most.

6. Be careful while selecting your words. They are the deadliest weapon in the world.

7. Television shows are full of Shit, stay away from them as much as you can.

8. If you decide to do something right, there will be msny people criticizing it, very few praising and hardly some one will join you.

9. World is full of people who beliving in showing good than doing good.

10. 10% riches have the most and 90% poors have the least.

11. You will find many people who will simply show as if they are trying to help you.

12. World is full of leaders who speaks too much and do very less.

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