13 of the Most Daring Photos Ever Taken


This post is a list of the most daring photos taken by extraordinary people or taken at the right moment. Daring means you will need to risk your life in most cases. And that is exactly what these people have done just to let us know what it is like.
Here are some daring photos
“ Selfie with a snake”
A lighthouse keeper watches as huge waves surround him
Lunch At the top a Skyscraper construction work
Just “Hanging out”
Extreme picnic spot
Ivan Unger and Gladys Roy playing tennis on the wings of a flying airplane in 1927
Spiderman showing his skills
The fiestas of San Fermin – Running of the Bulls in Spain
Selfie FAIL: Camel attempts to bite a woman
Tibetan mountain bridge
Daring Newlywed couples
Now, this is Extreme!
Photographer Kim Wolhuter Took Selfie With Cheetah
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