13 Times People Fixed Things So Bad It Was Hilarious


1) When you get sick and tired of wires and cables scattered all over the house.

2) If you can’t fix it, turn it into a piece of art.

3) The button is still broken but the grammar mistake is fixed.

4) Who cares if it functions?

5) In search of the green button.

6) Fake it till you make it.

7) When your office chair keeps rolling back.

8) Found another perfectly acceptable use of an umbrella.

9) Just know that you can always use lego bricks instead of normal ones.

10) My window cracked, so I fixed it.

11) My laptop broke just when I needed it most.

12) Wind knocked over this statue. My 3 year old son fixed it.

13) My cousin broke a plate and tried to hide it from my aunt.

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