14 Cool facts that most of us don’t know


Today we’re going to share some facts that you need to try in your daily life.

1. Sleeping Position

If you sleep on your stomach

If you sleep on your back

The fetal position

2. If you lose weight faster. .

By drinking only water for 9 days, you lose the same amount of calories as when joging for 8 km a day.

3. Just 1 glass of water in the morning increase your metabolism by 24%

4. The brain is 75–85% water, so by drinking you fuel it, which help you concentrate.

5. Water suppresses appetite, which help you lose weight.

6. Water washes out harmful substances, preventing aging.

7. 5 glasses of water lower the risk of heart attack by 41%

8. Water clean and moistens the skin.

9. Holding urine

10. Excess sugar

11. Take 10–30 minutes of jog every day.

12. Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day.

13. Live with three E.




14. Make time to practice meditation, yoga and prayer.

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