14 Photos that show the true meaning of playing with death


This is both bold and stupid at the same time.
In the era of Instagram for the sake of a cool shot, people are ready for literally anything. They climb bridges and skyscrapers, risking their lives.

But is it worth it to make such sacrifices? Photos undoubtedly turn out amazing, but nobody canceled the danger either.
Looking at these photos , it’s breathtaking from the beauty, and from the danger and risk of photographers and models!

01. The camera is just helping her maintain the balance of her body

02. So You Think You Live An Exciting Life

03. I Feel Dizzy Just Looking At Him Looking All The Way Down There …. Oh My Gawd!

04. I Really, Really Wish I Was This Kind Of Dare Devil Human being

05. I didn’t actually believe this picture was true at first. This guy is definitely extremely brave to be 
attempting this.

06. Nothing is gonna stop me

07. Just shows how much patience and courage these guys have.

08. I prefer ice than waterfall

09. Never disturb my peace

10. The Proper Way Is Always Difficult

11. No Fear From Elevated Poles

12. Now this woman makes your stomach drop

13. Do they consider it as the most romantic place for the photoshoot?

14. When You Want To stay on the Top Of The World . Extreme camping

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