14 Picures That Show The Harsh Truth Of The World


Art is not just created for the enjoyment of our eyes and soul, it transmits ideas and provokes thoughts. Austrian cartoonist Gerhard Haderer has been creating satirical illustrations for decades, highlighting why today’s society is by no means perfect.

He started his career as an illustrator in advertising agencies. In 1985, tired of commercial projects, Gerhard Haderer decided to devote himself to satirical illustrations. For over 30 years, he has sincerely drawn thousands of cartoons. For some of them, the artist was almost deprived of his liberty. In 2005 he was sentenced to 6 months in prison for insulting religious feelings in his cartoon book “The Life of Jesus”. However, Hader’s career did not end. On the contrary, the Austrian artist continued to describe modern society with sincerity and fear.

See below the best works of Gerhard Haderer, the artist with rich experience and great courage.

1. In the chase after the best selfie

2. People have forgotten what it means to enjoy the moment

3. False smiles

4. Children miss their childhood …

5. The shock of seeing someone reading a newspaper

6. It seems that everyone understands each other.

7. The nights spent in the family are no longer as before

8. Greed is an addiction.

9.We are ready to go to anything …

10. Climate change will not go unnoticed

11.A missed opportunity to meet a real person, while searching for the right partner online.

12. Gifts and material things cannot make us happy

13. Looking at something you don’t need …

14. We are indistinguishable from technologies

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