14 Satirical Illustrations That Shows Harsh Reality Of Our World


Below are the sarcastic illustrations that are extremely amusing but harshly true..

1. What you do is what your kids learn

2. The road to success is not whats been told

3. The ugly truth about a chicken’s destiny

4. we all want what the other person has

5. Its a circle of taking and taking and we give nothing back.

6. Too much of anything is dangerous, either love or knowledge.

7. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

8. Because, buying emotions is easier than putting effort into.

9. Acknowledging the natural appearance is the only way to accept truth.

10. Brands blindfolding

11. Ever wondered why the earth is round, isn’t it to become bald?

12. Everyone has an unspoken opinion

13. Fooling oneself is more dangerous than fooling others.

14. Compromising and understanding are the only things that save a marriage

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