15 Great Ideas To Save Our Earth


Today in this post we are going to share some amazing ideas to save our earth. 

1. Recycled Cutlery

For the preparation of these cutlery a paste made with the recycled seeds of avocados was used, which, for the most part, are not used at all.

2. Rechargeable batteries

It would be a good way to stop throwing lithium everywhere.

3. No plastic rings

This brand of beers uses glue instead of rings, which are very helpful in hazardous waste disposal.

4. Recycled dishes

In this town of India they do not use plastic cups, but these bowls made with leaves. 100% biodegradable. This is very helpful to save earth.

5. Do not miss the water

In this source, all the water you don’t drink is going to water the plants.

6. Cup of coffee …

Literally; This cup is 100% made with recycled coffee.

7. The bank

This, in particular, is entirely made with recycled materials.

8. Organic egg cups

They are made with recycled material and, apart from useful, have a minimal impact on nature.

9. Confetti with seeds

In this way, you can celebrate the party you want and help nature grow … if they are all advantages!

10. Recycling for notebooks (Electronic waste material)

This brand of notebooks uses motherboards for the covers of their notebooks and thus not waste so much paper.

11. Touch recycle

On this beach they put some of the most common waste left by bathers on the coasts and, below, the years it takes to disintegrate.

12. A good shake

In this educational center, if you want a milkshake, you can get on this bike and have it. It is a way to spend less electricity and play sports (with a rich reward based on fruits).

13. Are you running out of pencil?

Well, this model allows you to plant it and leave a tree, since it has an integrated seeds.

14. The envelope

This bank sends envelopes with seeds to its customers. In this way, instead of throwing them away, they can plant them and contribute to the common good of the planet.

15. No paint

For this parking, they decided that it was best to separate the sites with grass and not with chemicals.

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