15 Times People Asked Korean Photoshop Masters For Help And Regretted It


We all know that Twitter has its Photoshop master , James Fridman , but … and what about Facebook? Do not worry! A group of Koreans saw the need to also troll people in this popular social network and decided to enter it fully … and they are smashing!

People from the Asian continent have come to the guys on the We Do Photoshop page to ask for a little help with their photos. They really do Photoshop … but they do what they want with it! For sample, all the photos of these people who ended up being trolled with epic photographs that you can not miss.

The New And Improved Photos

01. I would like to look more professional. In a uniform, for example…

02. Can you find a way to make this picture less boring?

03. Can you make it so that I can cut my face out of the picture without the waitress being in the background?

04. I would like this statue photo to stand out from everyone else’s please…

05. People don’t believe that my photo is real. Can you make it more realistic please?

06. Can you place me and my cat into a battlefield?

07. I have many horse related fantasies. Can you make my picture more magical?

08. I am wearing socks but they are short. Please make it clearer that I have socks on…

09. Please make me taller than my friend…

10. The waves look pretty tame. Can you liven them up a bit?

11. Can you make me look like I am a master with the cheese?

12. Is there any way you could make this photo less gross and more like something out of a movie?

13. My friend is getting married. Can you make him look more wedding themed?

14. Please make my photo look more scary!

15. Can you make it look like I am with a sexy girl?

Did you like those photoshop photos? And which of the photos did you like the most? Do not forget to tell us in the comments! Share them with your friends on social networks and come to us for the second part! In the meantime, do not miss to hit the like button please.

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