16 Delightful Photos Of Superhero Actors And Their Stunt Doubles


It’s not a secret that some actors are ready to do anything to get into the role. Some of them even agree to perform some crazy and dangerous stunts. However, if a stuntman replaces the star in some scenes, this doesn’t mean that the actor or the actress is lazy. But imagine what would happen if the protagonist of the movie gets a serious injury on the set? This will break all the deadlines, the film company will have huge losses, and we will be able to see the long-awaited film much later. That’s why doubles come to the aid of actors. And we’re gonna talk about these irreplaceable celebrity twins today. Here are some MCU actors with their stunt double.

#1. Chris Pratt & Tony McFarr

#2. Chris Hemsworth & Bobby Holland Hanton

#3. Andrew Garfield & William Spencer

#4. Scarlet Johansson & Heidi Moneymaker

#5. Karen Gillan & Kelly Richardson

#6. Clark Gregg & Dane Farwell

#7. Chris Evans & Sam Hargrave

#8. Sebastian Stan & James Young

#9. Cate Blanchett & Zoe Bell

#10. Tom Holland & Holland Diaz

#11. Mark Ruffalo & Anthony Molinari

#12. Dave Bautista & Rob DeGroot

#13. Tom Hiddleston & Paul Lacovara

#14. Zoe Saldana & Chole Bruce

#15. Anthony Mackie & Aaron Toney

#16. Tessa Thompson & Tara Macken

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