16 Ridiculous Moments That Go to Show That Men Are Complex Creatures


Unnecessary and ridiculous risks characterize the man who feels like a typical “Alpha Male.” Taking the bull by the horns and going undefeated is one of its greatest pleasures. But then, why do women live longer than men ? Here we leave you a second opinion.

Perhaps the lack of a little more intelligence and logic make these 16 Reasons exist for which they live longer than men:

1. What could go wrong?

2. To feed the male inside

3. They love to take risks from a small age

4. … or teenagers takes it to next level

5. It’s fun if you don’t have any other means

6. I hope that This was not his last photo

7. The objective was met

8. Without fear of anything!

9. While the shipment is safe, let the world roll

10. Recreation moments are always important

11. Orthodox methods will always be welcome

12. Are ready to work on anything that makes life easier

13. Although this means losing your job

14. They always smile even if they know that the clown is going to carry them

15. Do not know the word danger

16. But above all they are good electricians

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