17 Amazing Pictures Of Rare Things


Here are some amazing pictures of rare things…

1. Four seasons, the same tree in New York.

2. A diver named Kristian Laine stumbled upon a majestic pink Manta ray

3. Cross-sectional view of a hand grenade.

4. Flamingos huddled together in the Miami Zoo bathroom during Hurricane Andrew

5. A 111-year-old miniature collection of all Shakespeare’s works

6. The filament of this old light bulb is shaped like flowers.

7. It has been 4 years since I had my scoliosis surgery, the surgery took 14 hours, the surgeons drilled and placed metal bars on my spine.

These are x-rays taken before and after surgery.

8. The interior of an electric thermometer.

9. I bought this corn and it came with a baby.

10. I got a whole potato in my bag of chips.

11. The serial number on this dollar bill is a palindrome number (It reads the same in both directions).

12. A 600-year-old astronomical clock in Prague

13. Long Exposure of Star Movement by Craig Holloway

14. This super rare bird has been photographed for the first time. 

It took scientists over 130 years to take this photo.

15. These are not leaves, but real insects experts in the art of camouflage.

16. Wedding cake with incredible details.

17. The size of this saltwater crocodile compared to a human.

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