18 Cats That Were Jerks To Dogs And Had Zero Remorse


Long time ago I didn’t release jokes about cats, so I decided to start this working week with just such a positive. May this day not be difficult for you: it will be easy, without unpleasant adventures and on a positive note. Well, cats to help you.

01. They never make equally adorable friends.

02. They are creepy in fighting. I mean, are you kidding me with those body rolls?

03. They’ll refuse to be sweet to your loving gestures

04. They’re not here for your luxury on cat support products

05. They refuse to participate in your favorite holidays

06. They’ll never help you get motivated for big events and works

07. They never make equally adorable friendship with human beings

08. This cat that thought this would be the perfect time to make us call for an exorcist

09. These cats that had murder on the mind:

10. And these cats that took ownership of the stairs

11. This cat that wasn’t about to try new things

12. This cat that found the best seat in the world to rule the world

13. This cat that knew what they did and had no problem with it

14. They’ll totally clash with your well-curated toilet

15. They look authoritative while snuggling with other buddies

16. They’ll refuse to move till you turn yourself into human statue

17. This cat that knows where his priorities should be

18. They won’t let you pet them

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