22 Pictures of having a Good Day


Here are some pictures of having a good day. 

1. Good job parking!

2. Best luck I’ve ever had: two in one package!

And it was the last!

3. My shirt came with a dollar of good luck.

4. I was eating pancakes with jam and this happened.

5. This exceeds the normal limits of luck.

6. A fan bet $ 20 and won almost $ 16,000 by guessing the exact result of a match.

7. I found 3 cents all face up… I hope this means good luck.

8. So this is what “2 times bigger” means …

9. I found a penny from 1899 while walking my dog!

10. I found a perfect five leaf clover.

11. I stayed at my sister’s house and slept in my nephew’s bed.

This is the view from your bed this morning.

What a lucky boy!

12. The way this big branch fell around this car without touching it.

14. This is unusual.

15. This pendant has caught my attention since I first saw it.

Today I almost bought it but then I decided it was too much.

I went to another store and saw the exact same pendant but cheaper!

It was divine intervention or luck.

16. I feel like I was really lucky with this avocado.

17. Lucky owner of a car in Rubizhne (Ukraine) after yesterday’s rain.

18. I dropped my candy onto my cup of tea and thought I had screwed it up.

Turns out, I was pretty lucky.

19. A red lucky clover.

They have a high probability of producing four-leaf clovers.

20. I found a live butterfly on a broccoli that I bought (and refrigerated) 5 days ago.

I was able to free her.

21. I love strawberry and today I found a huge

22. How perfectly our cereal boxes fit on this shelf.

23. My cat has been missing for 2 months and we found it today!

He and I are both happy.

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