Since the last few years, Blogging has become one of the best professions which a lot of people pursue to achieve financial independence. There are a lot of people who are making money from blogging, but you don’t have any idea about how they are able to do so?

If this is the case with you, then don’t worry as you aren’t the only one. As a beginner, many people find it hard to make money from their blogs. In this beginner guide, we are going to share some effective ways in which you can generate income from your blog.

5 Best Ways in Which You Can Make Money From Your Blog

1. Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising is one of the most common ways which bloggers use to generate income from their blogs. There are many Ad networks that pay you for placing their ads on your website. These ads are shown automatically depending on the context of your blog.

Google AdSense and are two most popular ad networks which allow you to place ads on your blog to generate regular income.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is another best method to generate some regular income from your blog. In this, you are promoting someone’s product or service to receive a commission whenever a person purchases the product through your website.

It is one of the smartest income streams a blogger can use to make money as a single sale can generate some big bucks for you. Amazon Associates is a popular Affiliate network used by millions of bloggers to generate income.


3. Sponsored Reviews

There are a lot of companies that pay hundreds of bucks to bloggers for writing a Sponsered review on their blog. You can look for the companies selling products in your niche. You can reach out to these companies to generate some business from them.

There are also a lot of third party networks that allow you to create a profile and let advertisers bid there. The best part about this method is that you can make huge money instantly by posting a small review on your blog.

4. Sell Your Own E books

If you are proficient in a skill and you want to teach the skill to other people, then you can do this by writing an eBook. You can put the eBook for sale either on your blog or Amazon. It is one of the best ways to generate income from a blog as you don’t even have to rely on third-party networks to make money.

There are a lot of networks that allow authors to list their eBooks for sale. You can use these platforms to list your eBook and receive rewards whenever someone makes a purchase.

5. Consultation Services

If you have expertise in a specific field, then you can offer it as services to businesses running in that particular niche. This way you can also enhance your credibility in the niche as you are also providing useful content on your blog for free.

For example, if you are having expertise in SEO & Digital Marketing, then you can consult businesses on how they can improve their SERP rankings and social media reach.


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