Today I have brought an interesting article about some most amazing human & animal friendships. Let me share this interesting photos post with all of you here.

5. Kevin Richardson’s career with wild animals:

Let me tell you that Kevin Richardson is another South African & is a self-taught zookeeper who has raised some of the world’s most dangerous wild animals, from lions to hyenas & leopards.

4. The sister he never had:

This 5-year-old’s father found a 1.3 meter python in their bathroom, he initially thought of destroying it. Later he give it to his son to play & his son struck up a strong bond with the snake named Lucky. Now weighing more than 5 meters & the besotted owner said Lucky is the sister he never had.

3. Janice’s Bengal tiger sanctuary:

Let me tell you that Janice Hailey has become something of a saint in Orlando for her ability to nurse cub tigers back to health & give them a loving home. Bengal tigers have been a mainstay fixture in Hailey’s household for over 20 years.

2. One woman’s unique bond with a group of lions:

You will be shocked to know that Lazmi, a volunteer at the nature reserve, has bonded so well with these lions they treat her as one of their own.

1. Gilberto & his crocodile:

They named this reptile as Pocho, Gilberto released it into a river after nursing it back to health, but found him lurking at his veranda the very next day. From there, Pocho never left his rescuer’s side. Now what do you say about this article friends?

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