6 Most Powerful Villains In Superhero Movies


In today’s time if any kind of films are preferred in the whole world, then it is a superhero film. Everyone likes Marvel and DC superhero movies. People like these superheroes of these films, but the film’s villains are also liked by everyone. 

In superhero films, we get to see villain and they are also very powerful. Well all the villains of Marvel and DC films are excellent, but only a few villains come in the list of the most dangerous villains. Today we are going to tell you about the 7 most dangerous superhero villains.

7. Red Skull:

Red Scull is one of the Captain America’s largest villains. Red Scull also became stronger with the help of the same serum that made Captain America super Soldier. The name of Red Skull was so due to his red face. Red Scull was the first such villain in Marvel who tried to find an Infinity Stones. After losing to Captain, Red Scull was telepored on a planet where there was Soul Stone.

6. Steppenwolf:

This dangerous villain appeared in DC’s Film Justice League. He was very powerful who had acquired the three mother box and defeated almost the entire Justice League but in the end Superman came and changed the game. He is very powerful villain in the comics but in films he was not as powerful and dangerous, and probably because of this the Justice League flopped. But he alone defeated almost all the superheroes.

5. Ultron:

Ultron was a robot based on Artificial Intelligence, which was made by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, but it was so powerful that it made almost impossible for the avengers, but eventually they won. Ultron believed that the human race has become quite old and it needs to be upgraded. If he does not upgrade then he will have to die.

4. Hela:

Hela is one of Marvel’s most dangerous villains. Hela is ODIN’s daughter and Thor’s sister. Hela is the goddess of death and it is very difficult to kill her. We saw Hela in Thor Ragnarok, who broke Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir in a few seconds. He defeated Thor but never given up Thor returned, and he rescued the Asgard from Hela, but in return, not only did the Asgard remain.

3. Loki:

Prior to the arrival of Thanos, Loki was considered as the most dangerous villain in Marvel. Loki does not have any special power, but still he, through his brain, forces the avengers to wonder every time. Loki has been missing so many times and he comes back every time, but he was killed by the hands of Thanos at Infinity War and now the chances of him coming back are low.

2. Thanos:

Thanos is the most dangerous villain of Marvel. No superhero can stand in front of him. He is so powerful that he defeats Thor easily, and also finished Hulk in some punches. The Iron Man’s team did not stand in front of Thanos, neither did Captain America. Thanos is the most powerful because he has fulfilled what he wanted. He eliminated half of the world. But avengers also did not accept defeat, now Captain and Tony are together and Thor is also very angry. In this way, it is difficult for Thanos to rescue.

1. Joker:

He is a villain who has no superpowers and he can be defeated by any ordinary person easily. If he has any strength then it is his brain and then he does not fear anyone, even if it is death. The Joker is Batman’s biggest villain. Joker knows his enemy Batman very well and the enemy who knows his targets well is not dangerous. Joker is ahead of Batman in making plans. The Joker is the most liked villain ever. In the film ‘The Dark Knight’ we saw the real embodiment of the Joker who, despite being a common man, forced Batman to cry and won the hearts of everyone. Joker does not want anything, he just makes mess for fun.

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