8 Super hilarious memes on Priyanka Chopra’s Met Gala 2019


Priyanka Chopra’s look In Met gala event is totally different and unexpected that’s why this look grabs the attention of trollers. There are some funny memes on that look which will surely entertain you, so watch them and enjoy.

1. Not only trollers but this hairstyle also grab the attention of birds because it looks like a nest.

2. That’s why most people don’t like remix songs.

3. But the hairs look more like steel wool than a scrubber.

4. Not all but some people show off like that.

5. I think this is the funniest meme created in this situation.

6. But the bird looks more real than Priyanka.

7. A new and innovative mop is here for mopping the floor.

8. When you order just online just after seeing a huge discount.

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