9 Unique people who look like they came to us from another planet


At first glance, you won’t be able to think that people with such abnormal features came to us from far space. But they are all people of flesh and blood, and are proud of their incomparable beauty.

The human body is a miracle of nature, which science cannot yet comprehend perfectly. The people in this collection are not superheroes or mutants , but their distinctive physical features may surprise everyone.

01. Albinism can actually turn people into a “work of art”!

02. A girl with amazing flexibility, as if her body is made of rubber.

03. Not everyone can understand and appreciate the special and rare beauty of this woman.

04. Kanya Sesser was born without both legs, but nothing prevents her from dreaming about surfing and doing unusual things.

05. Have you noticed that the eyes of this model are colorful? This is a typical case of heterochromia.

06. Sofia Hadzhipanteli, a popular model with dark bushy eyebrows.

07. The color of the eyes of this person has the shape of a peacock feather.

08. The girl’s body, covered with black dots, made her really special.

09. Omg! What am I seeing!

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  1. Unknown says

    the first is not albinism, it is vidiligo.

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