Best Award Winning Photographs Of Nature In 2019


Here are the 21 most interesting works:

1. Category “Mammals”. Special prize. “Colorful Night,” Mohammed Murad (Kuwait).

2. Winner of the competition, winner of the category “B / W”. The Leap, Chaba Daroci (Hungary).

3. Category “Birds”. Winner. “Greeting the Sun”, Peter Cech (Czech Republic).

4. Category “Mammals”. Special prize. The Way to Sweetness, Jose Juan Hernandez (Spain).

5. Category “Plants and mushrooms.” Winner. “The Fallen Idol III”, David Frutos Ehea (Spain).

6. Category “Young growth”. Winner. Symphony No. 5, Giacomo Redaelli (Italy).

7. Category “Underwater World”. Winner. “In the Air”, Alexey Zozulya (Russia).

8. Category “Man and nature.” Special prize. “Sunsets”, Pedro Narra (Portugal).

9. Category “Mammals”. Special prize. The Wolf Attack, Martin Steenhout (Belgium).

10. Category “Birds”. Special prize. “Flight Through the Fjord”, Bernt Estus (Norway).

11. Category “Underwater World”. 2nd place. “Dancing in the Light”, Domenico Tripodi (Italy).

12. Category “Birds”. 2nd place. The Landing of the Golden Eagle, Eudun Rikardsen (Norway).

13. Category “Mammals”. Special prize. “Deer on the ridge”, Francois Nowitzki (France).

14. Category “B / W”. Special prize. The Brothers, Luke Massi (Spain).

15. Award to them. Fred Hazelhoff. “My Quaydel Lake” by Gheorghe Popa (Romania).

16. Category “Landscape”. Winner. “Cloudy Day”, Ales Krivec (Slovenia).

17. Category “Underwater World”. Special prize. Duck Fotomba, Paul Collie (UK).

18. Category “Young growth”. Special prize. “Poplar Stars”, Carlos Perez Naval (Spain).

19. Category “Plants and Mushrooms”. Special prize. “The Survivor III”, David Frutos Ehea (Spain).

20. Category “Landscape”. Special prize. “Flower Power”, Brandon Yoshizawa (USA).

21. Category “Other animals”. Special prize. “Ant hunting”, Peter Bambushek (Czech Republic).

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  1. Unknown says

    I love every photography I saw. It's beyond beautiful and to think that people actually are behind it!
    I'm a huge fan of arts, nature photos and honestly anything like this. Keep warming hearts with your lovely photos! And enjoy the new year ahead.

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