Japanese Uncle Transforms Himself Into Beautiful Lady (Makeup Tutorial)


In today’s world, we are probably a lot of YouTube girls or bloggers who teach you tricks and make-up techniques to look beautiful in different styles, but what will happen?
If the person teaching you how to make up becomes a middle-aged man you didn’t think of before

Going back to the age of just 17 years, Himeen is a boy with a shaggy beard on his face. Until receiving the nickname from friends, “Ojisan”, which comes from the word Ojisan which means uncle, but his life in middle age now turned around until his friends could no longer remember him because he became an uncle who likes to transform into a beautiful woman in the palm of his hands

Himeji is a famous person online, transformed into a beautiful woman that has become a trend throughout Japan. Which he has as many as 1.5 million followers on Twitter and on 6.8 million others

In which the latest video clips have shown that how is he makeup? Having reached this far

In the said video clip he has recommended various cosmetics he uses including how to use them.
Eyebrow pencil, mascara, blusher, lipstick, false eyelashes and wigs.

Seems like his skin and facial features are truly suitable for teenage girls.

The dressing of his favorite cosplay making the middle-aged man look like a more realistic cute teen girl.

Like this it’s unbelievable that this is “uncle”. Anyone who sees will definitely be radar-broken.

For those who want to see the full details, try to watch their video clips. Although in Japan, there are many men who like to dress up as women. But every time I see something like this is always something that is remarkable for Japanese people.

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