Normal People Vs. I : 9 Amusingly Truthful Comic Strips


We all have our own «weird stuff» that we have to deal with on a daily basis. And that’s super cool because that’s what makes us human.

Each of us is special. In this comic strip, some differences of people are relatable Everything as always, done with humor, irony and quite colorfully, so that everyone could see himself. Read, enjoy and share your place in these pictures. Are you on the right or on the left?

01. Sleep in transport overtakes unnoticed, but how do you sleep?

02. Is it easy for you to make new acquaintances?

03. Household moments can cause great difficulties.

04. When you try to eat fast.

05. In the morning it is hard for many to get up.

06. No one likes a runny nose, especially in such manifestations.

07. Someone is eating and not getting fatter.

08. In the kitchen you have to be alert.

09. At the dance, sometimes more interesting to watch.

Everyone will see himself and find something interesting.

Write in the comments who you are in these pictures.

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