The Most Amazing Sculptures From Around the World

There are many branches of art. Whether it is drawing, sculpture or architecture That made us use the structure that is strange and beautiful, these things have been with us for a long time And it helps to lift our minds. Today we would like to invite everyone to see the excellent sculpture. That looks superior to both the craftsmanship And the meanings hidden in each piece
Let’s see what sculpture you think is the coolest in your eyes.

1. 10.One of the works from the Bregenz festival in 2018, it created a stage for an opera called Carmen.

2. The Awakening is located in the National Harbor Riverside Development Project in Washington, DC, USA.

3. The Jadayupara, the largest giant bird statue in the world That was created to devote to the Ramayana epic
Located in India

4. Vigeland Park is one of the largest sculptures created by a single artist, Gustav Weigeland. The picture we see is one of 212 sculptures only.

5. Sculpture work in the Bregenz Festival That was organized by Lake Constance City of Bregenz In austria
The work seen was used as a concert stage in 2011 and 2012, which will change almost every year.

6. Cabeza Vainilla, a sculpture made of 3 tonnes of copper, symbolizes mankind’s greatness.
Located in Mexico

7. The statue was built in honor of the famous French architect Le Corbusier built by Xavier Valhan in the Rockefeller Center in the United States.

8. Behind the Walls The sculpture that “Sometimes, our hands are the largest wall.” This means that we can blind ourselves.
This work is located in the United States of America.

9. The Sun Spot, a 20-foot-tall dog statue that is on display outside the Denver Animal Shelter

10. Building Bridges in Venice, Italy, which means friendship, faith, helping, love and hope.

11. Ocean Atlas, the largest water sculpture in the world Located in the Bahamas It has a height of 18 feet. The meaning of this work is
Bahamas woman carrying an ocean with her shoulders

12. Possibilities Sculpture work in South Korea That is made from Korean characters combined If anyone who understands Korean
Will see beautiful words such as love, peace, and friendship

13. Rabarama is the name of an artist who created many sculptures about men and women with different skin symbols.

14. Dragon scrambling sky at Samphran Temple, Thailand, with a height of 80 meters. The building consists of a total of 16 floors, like a heaven, 16 floors with a construction time of more than 5 years.

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