These people wanted to take a normal picture and ended up creating masterpieces


The art of photography is being devalued due to the fact that everyone has access to a good camera and is created as a photographer with four filters. And it is that you are forgetting that to take good photos you need to have, at least, notions of photography although, as you will see below, it is important to be in the right moment and place and have that lucky point.

The best vacations of your life

They were with friends in tailánda and they took this photo. It will surely be the best photo you take in your life.


His friends did not want him to marry, so they decided that they would rather break his head against the ceiling than verse handcuffed for life.

The pine in the water

How many times did they have to repeat the photo to make it perfect?

I’m going to live underwater

This man was returning from work when he was told that his mother-in-law was coming to dinner at home. So he did the only thing he could do and threw himself into the river.

So cute

The cat does not know that it was being captured on different mirrors

Bull BY THE Horns

These men learned that if you mess with the bull you will get the horns


This couple looks like things on their motorcycle have taken a turn for the worse

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