This Japanese Girl Artist Change The Cardboard Into Everything You Want


Art can be created from a variety of materials, and one of the devices that people choose is “cardboard” that can be cut, added, into various things. But you think that brown cardboard That people often use to make paper crates will be able to create something this incredible.
Onomonami, a cardboard artist who is a specialist in cardboard cutting who shares her work through personal Instagram.
Each of her works would be said that it is far too common and It’s hard to find any artist who can use cardboard to create works that are definitely as good as you.
Let’s try to see some of her work.
Then you will be amazed how ordinary cardboard can be made into so cool..

1. Her army, everything looks extremely realistic

2. School uniform can be done can actually be worn as well

3. Vintage car, can keep details of the grille, wheels, lamps very well

4. Giant watch keep details of the mechanisms inside

5. Honda “Formula One” cars in the past

6. Her own tank
Children who want to see definitely want to play.

7. McDonald’s Burger Set

8. Clock, Calculator

9. Gupa and his own kart
In Mario Cart

10. Optimus Prime looks very formidable.

11. Honda Super Cub motorbike

12. Art work is equally impressive.

13. Batman Lego cardboard version
Looks pretty cute.

14. Cup Noodle, instant fork in the cup

15. Looks like a lunar probe

16. Pringles potato chips

17. AKIRA Comic Book

18. Chipped Oreo Cookies

19. Evangelion’s followers like this

20. Ending with a Tamiya car

Let me say that each of her works is truly great, for anyone who wants to create works of art with cardboard like this
May need to practice quite a bit
To be skilled at this level

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