This Malaysian girl use hijab and make-up to change herself into famous characters


As we all know, “hijab” is a headscarf for Muslim women. Is something that helps to completely cover the body For the sake of comprehension, the term hijab means “blocking.” Usually, we don’t see hijab being used for any other purpose. But if you have an idea when this girl You may see more colorful hijab.

Saraswati, also known as the Queen of Luna, is an Amazonian female influencer. Use her creativity to change the hijab she wears and use makeup techniques. Transformed herself into a famous character from a movie, game, or cartoon, so that she has almost 400,000 followers on Instagram now Let’s see some of her works that What are some ways she can use the hijab to change herself?

1. Harley Quinn

2. Crazy

3. Hermione

4. Rapunzel

5. Anne Chantre

6. Hades

7. Annabelle

8. Princess Leia

9. Chucky’s Bride

10. Scar

11. Penny Weiss

12. Gamora

13. Jigsaw

14. Aquaman

15. Princess Fiona

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