Top 10 largest ships in the world on which the city resides


Here are Top 10 largest ships in the world on which the city resides

1. Symphony of the Seas

The 25th ship in the Royal Caribbean fleet, Symphony of the Seas has 228,081 gross registered tones, which is 238 feet long and 1,188 feet long.

2. Harmony of the Seas

The Royal Caribbean’s Oasis-class ship, Harmony of the Seas, is currently the world’s second largest cruise ship.

3. Allure of the Seas

The 362-meter-long Oasis-class cruise ship, Alure of the Seas, is third in the list after its sister ship.

4. Oasis of the Seas

The first ship in Oasis class cruise ships of the Royal Caribbean, Oasis of the Seas, was the largest cruise ship when entering service in 2009.

5. Ida Nova

Ida Nova is the world’s first cruise ship by AIDA Cruise, which can be operated by natural gas (LNG) at sea and port.

6. MSc Meriviglia

The MSC Meriviglia is 315 meters long, 43 meters wide and 65 meters high, which measures 171,598 GRT.

7. Quantum of the Seas

The Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas is the first of three Quantum-class cruise ships. The 168,666 GT Cruise ship was built by Mayor Weert and in November 2014 it was inaugurated from New Jersey.

8. Anthum of the Seas

Song of Seam, a sister of Quantum of Sis, whose total ton is 168,666 and measures 348 m in length and maximum beam is 49.4 m.

9. Ovation of the Seas

10. Norwegian Bliss

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