Top 18 Breathtaking Photos From The Nat Geo


National Geographic entered Instagram history as the first brand to reach 100 million subscribers (almost the same numbers as Kim Kardashian).

To celebrate in their style, they opened a photo contest on a photo-sharing platform

In the 24-hour competition window, more than 94,000 photos were received in the magazine ! Editors and photographers from National Geographic reviewed the applications and narrowed them to the top 10 most amazing photos , and then allowed their subscribers to vote for who would be the main winner.

Below you can see a photo of the winner of the competition, the best finalists and other great pictures that did not win, but still stun anyone!

18. Ulla Lohmann

17. Sebastien Nagy

16. Brent Stirton

15. Maxime Israel Collier

14. Yuri Choufour

13. Majed Sultan Alza’abi

12. Nicholas Parker

11. Devon Fox

10. Finalist: Adam Keifer

9. Finalist: Frank Haluska

8. Finalist: Sandra Cattaneo Adorno

7. Finalist: Francisco J. Perez

6. Finalist: Matt Potenski

5. Finalist: Chris O’bryan

4. Finalist: Sara Stein

3. Finalist: Khatia Nikabadze

2. Finalist: Felice Simon

1. Grand Prize winner: Ketan Khambhatta

Which is your favorite picture? Tell me in the comment box.

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