Upcoming phones: The future smartphones of 2018 and 2019

What next?
I was surfing the internet and getting astonishing result about the top apps like
YouTube: YouTube has touched the user base of 225 million and reached about 80% of Internet population while In 2016 it was one fourth ie 25% of Internet population.
But then I got fascinated by the upcoming foldable phone by Samsung and double fold design phone by apple:

Look how much amazing are they.
1. Apple foldable phone
Apple has recently been granted patent for a foldable display

2. Samsung foldable phone
Phone you can use like a laptop, Tablet and a mobile phone definitely by samsung.

3. Samsung galaxy X unreleased

4. Light phone 2: It weights around 80 grams

5. Phone that last 2 weeks on a charge
K10000’s has big battery which last around 15 days

6. Indestructible phone with waterproof
CAT S41 images, You can use under water also

7. Phone with thermal camera
CAT S61 phone works with thermal camera
Comment/suggest if you too have a something unique/ innovative phone detail I will also include it

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